code of ethics and professional practices :

The Team of SMCO are committed to serve the public in general, the client in particular, the reputation of the profession of management consultancy and comply with the applicable laws

Responsibility to public:

Efficiency: SMCO dedicated to optimizing personal, client and other resources to complete an assignment.
Sustainability: SMCO always recommending solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development.
Responsibility: SMCO representing the interests of the consultancy industry to the wider community.
Legal: SMCO aware of and complying with applicable laws and regulations relevant to the assignment, specially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf Region norms
Public Confidence: SMCO team conducting consulting activities at all times in a manner that fosters confidence in the profession.
Responsibility to the profession:

Respect for the profession:

Respect for the profession: SMCO team professional conduct that reflects honorably upon and enhances the standing and public regard of the profession.
Integrity and professionalism: SMCO Maintaining integrity and professionalism at all times, Respecting the rights of other professionals in the consultancy industry by not using proprietary information or methodologies without permission, maintaining disciplinary mechanisms to uphold the code of conduct.

Confidentiality & impartiality

SMCO places the highest importance on integrity and impartiality of its consulting services. SMCO strives to achieve the highest levels of client confidence through competency of consultants; openness regarding business process and analysis; commitment to maintaining confidentiality where appropriate; high level of customer service and responsiveness; and conducting services in an impartial manner.

Consultancy services management Compliance with ISO 20700:2017

SMCO Differentiate its consultancy services through application of guidelines standard of management consultancy services which control execution of our consultancy procedures and processes through professional stages of the guideline standards from contracting with our excellent clients, executions, and closure of the projects with systematic flow of events and results that satisfy clients ambitions.


We contribute potentially in developing and supporting Saudi community through spreading quality culture and conduct our professional services to support small businesses. Nevertheless, we train new graduated to qualifying them professionally to compete in labor market. In SMCO we believe that, our mission to support organizations and different Saudi firms to develop management systems and get certified with accredited international norms and serve our people with excellency is a great contribution that we do as a commitment to social responsibility.